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View our group itinerary, put together to get the best possible opportunities that Kenya can offer.

The Apex predator tour will take you to some of the most impressive ecosystems in Africa. Focusing on our big cart subjects is our goal, but there are also opportunities for almost everything else, elephants, buffalo, hyena, wild dog, giraffe, zebra and a whole host of plains game that will inspire and leave you in awe. 

Apex Predators of Kenya

If animals at the top of their game are your thing, then be sure that the Apex Predators of Kenya tour will definitely satisfy your appetite.

Focusing on Lions, Cheetah, Hyena and finally Leopard, each location chosen for the amazing opportunities for each.

IMG_1140 copy_edited.jpg


The King of the Jungle, these top apex predators dominate Africa and all other animals within. The seer power of these rulers make them second to none. Photographing such presence is an incredible experience...



Leopards are arguably the most beautiful creature in Africa. The cunning and stealth made them awe-inspiring subjects and the challenge of a clear photo is one of the most rewarding things on safari in our opinion.

3M4A7057 copy-topaz.jpg

These cats an not as big or as powerful as the previous two, but agility and speed are incredible, their whole body perfectly designed for one thing... Speed, and there is none that can match them, at the top of their game watching a hunt is maybe one of the most thrilling experiences out there.

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